Bmw m57 engine simplified wiring


Bmw m57 engine simplified wiring. – control unit connector – Bmw throttle pedal connector – OBD2 diagnostic connector – Tachometer, oil pressure, alternator output – Power lines – ground conection The wires are marked and come along with information on how to connect with the Nissan Patrol. Also is possible to use in other M57 swap projects. Is possible to create an individual connectors wire length. Standard wiring is for Nissan Patrol, with m57 control unit positioning in stock Patrol place (inside cabin, above the throttle pedal)
Please choose the your m57 engine version. If you can not find the available version, please contact with us. [email protected]
P.S. before order please ask about delivery times. Often wires are made individually


M57 Engine/immo Type:

m57 D1(184hp) with delete EWS, m57 D1(184hp) with EWS, m57n D2 (204) with delete EWS, m57n D2 (204) with EWS

Bmw m57 engine simplified wiring


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