Bmw m57 custom control unit


M57 swap requires modifying the control unit software because the control block no longer receives a wheel speed signal. Without speed signal engine will operate in emergency mode ( with incomplete power ). It is also possible to remove the EGR and increase the power. The M57n engines also have the option of erasing an air mass meter. It is also possible to program EWS (original immobilizer), look for more info on the product page. In case of any questions or uncertainties, please contact us. [email protected] P.S. The price is indicated for the software. You must send us your m57 control unit or choose one of our warehouses. Look for the used m57 control unit’s at used parts section


ECU Type:

EGR and speed signal delete, m57 D1 stock 184hp

Bmw m57 custom control unit


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