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  1. who we are / our milestones

  2. for what purpose is an offroad website FastMotion|EU

  3. where are we located

  4. our partners / we are official distributors

  5. FastMotion.EU manufactured offroad products

  6. info about shipping options

  7. info about payment methods

  8. B2B collaboration offer for 4×4 workshops and stores

  9. 4×4 offroad build projects

  10. our social networks

  11. our contacts


Who we are / our milestones:

  • We are car enthusiasts with a passion to 4×4 offroad action and overland expeditions.
  • We started, back in 2007, with TrackDay events and car preparation for them.
  • In 4×4 world we are since 2010
  • in 2014 offroad project FastMotion.EU v1 was born.
  • New chapter in 2019 with updated FastMotion.EU v2 version and new partners on board.

For what purpose is an offroad website FastMotion|EU:

Where are we located:

  • We are based in Northern Europe – in Riga, Latvia
  • Thanks to our shipping partners good work, we have clients from all over Europe, Scandinavia counties, USA and Australia

Our partners / we are official distributors for:

We can’t display all product offerings from our partners, so if you see something you’re interested in  LET US KNOW – Go to Email contact form

FastMotion.EU manufactured offroad products:

Info about shipping options:

  • We have several shipping options available to you. Choice depends on the size of the part or the order as a whole
  • For small, light and urgent offroad shipments we use DHL Express worldwide shipping. Pros – delivery is very fast  ~1-3 days worldwide. Cons – delivery will be expensive for heavier items.
  • Our typical, European countries, order is sent by GLS Shipping. Usually 3-6days. Weight up to 40kg (max for one box) un reasonable prices.
  • It is also possible to send a shipment by National Post Express. Pros – Possible worldwide delivery and prices for small orders are good.  Cons – Some countries will have higher prices for heavy shipments.
  • For larger offroad orders – bumpers, roof racks, 4×4 tires etc … we use custom pallet delivery. Please contact us for prices individually
  • Also SEA pallet shipments are possible. Please contact us for prices individually
  • We are currently improving our website – after rebuilding, each product will have multiple shipping options.

Info about payment methods:

  • Credit and Debit cards
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Digital wallets – Apple Pay, Google Pay

Let us know if you have Valid EU TAX Number – We will be able to send invoice without TAX.

B2B collaboration offer for 4×4 offroad workshops and stores:

We are open for B2B cooperation offers between companies. We often do quantity purchases from factories. Please contact if you are interested

4×4 offroad build projects:



FastMotionEU social networks:

Don’t forget to press the Follow button. Keep in touch. Thank you 🙂

our contacts:

eMail: [email protected] or PRESS HERE to go to the contact form