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Bmw - Patrol crankshaft bearing
240mm Bmw-Patrol swap clutch disc, HD
Gearbox adapter Patrol GR RD28 gearbox to Bmw m57
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FOR SALE: Nissan Patrol with Bmw M57n diesel swap + 15cm lift kit + 37inch Trepadors + full metal body kit.   The time has come. Not the easiest decision, but our Expedition Patrol is available for sale due to a new project. For sale complete car or any component (first the engine swap+gearbox and after engine - other parts) asking price is 15 000e shipping worldwide possible can talk about price with change of equipment + prices for individual parts purchase are shown separately   Patrol is now after major main...

  1) Patrol owner: Why do I need to put BMW diesel inside Patrol? Fast Motion: In my case why I started this project: Why Patrol engines have no power at low RPM? Why used RD28 / zd30 engine parts are so hard to find? "Do not heat RD28 diesel - head will crack" Why is fuel consumption so high? Why I can't overtakes cars on the highway with 35inch tires?   2) After BMW M57 diesel swap Patrol still be legal for road use? In Latvia, YES. We offer a complete documentation and drawings for the project. Govern...


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