Full conversion kit Patrol - BMW 3.0 M57 Y60 and Y61


Kit includes: Patrol – M57 engine swap mounts welding blanks for frame Patrol – M57 diesel gearbox adapter Bmw 240mm dual mass flywheel, restored and rebuild to single mass clutch disc for Patrol – M57 conversion stage2 HD clutch cover (Heavy Duty) crankshaft bearing clutch release bearing ONLY For 2.8 gearbox – clutch release bearing adapter Patrol – M57 air intake pipe from Patrol y61 3.0 OEM air box to M57 TURBO Patrol – M57 intercooler system – top mount handmade intercooler with piping + brackets Remaped ECU with delete imobilaiser system with chip tuning Patrol – M57 wiring kit m57 EGR delete kit bigest, radiator for swap m57 crankcase ventilation adapter Oil Catch tank (optional) cooling FAN system Throttle pedal fitting for Patrol – M57 Temp.adapter + new sensor for Patrol oem gauge Wire from Battery to Starter NOTE: Air intake pipe and intercooler mount we have only for y61, for y60 please contact us individually. Most of the parts are in the warehouse, but some parts are made individually. By choosing the kit with our m57 engine, the parts will be installed and for engine wiring will be labeled for easier installation. Also possible Individual assembly, m57 tuning kits, also incomplete sets. In addition, you will need: -m57 engine (please inform engine version), -maintenance kit, -additional materials (couplers, cooling pipes, electric materials, reducers for cooling system, copper fuel lines, fittings, connectors etc ..) We can also offer exhaust system supplies and project documentation (drawings, description)


Gearbox Type:

Patrol 2.8 Gearbox, Patrol 3.0 Gearbox

Full conversion kit Patrol – BMW 3.0 M57 Y60 and Y61


We offer a full range of parts for the Patrol – Bmw m57.
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