Patrol with Bmw m57 diesel FOR SALE. Expedition ready. Big spec


FOR SALE: Nissan Patrol with Bmw M57n diesel swap + 15cm lift kit + 37inch Trepadors + full metal body kit.


The time has come. Not the easiest decision, but our Expedition Patrol is available for sale due to a new project.

For sale complete car or any component (first the engine swap+gearbox and after engine – other parts)

  • asking price is 15 000e
  • shipping worldwide possible
  • can talk about price with change of equipment + prices for individual parts purchase are shown separately





Patrol is now after major maintenance:

  • new full clutch kit, renovated front axle (bearings, gaskets, seals, axles etc..), refurbished alternator. Gearbox and steering column fresh from street Patrol (no off-road use before)
  • 6000km ago new adjustable suspension kit fitted.
  • Maxxis Trepador 37’’ 90%

The car will be technically problem-free before being returned to the new owner. We leave the exterior as it is, but it is possible to install new body panels and repaint the car for an additional fee.


We have done for Patrol Bmw m57n swap technical project – with this paper should have no problem registering a car in the European Union.



Patrol technical description:


  • Bmw m57n 3.0 diesel (~200k km) With current ECU setup ~240hp. Possible remap, with stock turbo, up to 280hp and 300+ with upgraded turbo.
  • Top Mount Intercooler
  • full FastMotion.EU Patrol – Bmw m57 swap kit (adapter, engine mounts, air intake pipe, EGR delete kit, crankcase vent kit, remaped ECU)
  • Bmw e39 V8 radiator + Bmw Fan
  • restored alternator 150amp
  • restored starter
  • new belts + rollers
  • new OPTIMA BLUE AGB 75AH 975AMP (230e)


  • ZD30 gearbox (FS5R50B). Fresh swap from nonOFFROAD car.
  • restored + reinforced Bmw m57 dual-mass flywheel (300km)
  • reinforced 240mm swap clutch disc (300km)
  • Bmw e39 M5 racing clutch cover (300km)
  • transfer case stock (replaced together with a gearbox from the street car)

Note: price for full Engine SWAP + Clutch kit + Gearbox  6000e



Note: price for both axles 2400e






  • Runva EWXC9500, 7.2hp, 130:1. with synthetic rope (450e)
  • remote control WARN (270e)


Wheels set:

  • Maxxis Trepador m8060 37 x 12.5 R16 (90% residue)
  • beadlocks R16 139.7 ET-25 J7 Center bore 110mm

Note: 1600e 4pcs tires + wheels

p.s. We have many tire options – R15, R16,  33”,  35”,  37” All Terrain, Mud Terrain, Silverstone MT117 etc..



Suspension + Steering + Brakes:

  • front HD angled radius arms (450e)
  • rear HD trailing arms adjustable with Johny Joints (370e)
  • rear HD upper adjustable brackets with Johny Joints (320e)
  • front HD adjustable panhard rod with Johny Joints (220e)
  • rear HD adjustable panhard rod with Johny Joints (220e)
  • HD springs 15cm (400e)
  • Shock absorbers (480e)
  • arranged brakes system + armed brake hoses
  • low mileage steering box (replaced from nonOFFROAD car)

Note: used suspension kit ~6000km 1800e



  • gray leather interior + electric adjustable + seat heating
  • adjustable laptop mount (300)
  • ARB compressor (330)


Additionally available Patrol parts for purchase:



Shipping worldwide for parts and whole car possible. Please write to or CLICK HERE TO GO TO CONTACT FORM

We will be happy to answer your questions. We are open to different offers. It is possible to build two or more identical Patrol Bmw m57 for overland expeditions. Equipping your Patrol, preparing for the expedition is also possible We have few more cars in stock + tons for swap parts.


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