F.A.Q. Bmw m57 / Patrol



1) Patrol owner: Why do I need to put BMW diesel inside Patrol?
Fast Motion: In my case why I started this project:


2) After BMW M57 diesel swap Patrol still be legal for road use?

In Latvia, YES.
We offer a complete documentation and drawings for the project. Government approved.

You have to check your country laws. If the law allows, Patrol with our provided information will be road legal.

3) Why exactly Bmw M57 diesel?

Bmw M57 engine has been widely used in various models (more than 30). Engine parts are widely available, original and aftermarket and used.

Engines produced in different versions from 1998 till present.

The powerful and dynamic Bmw diesel engine has won ‘Engine of Year ” award 2.5-3.0 category from 1999 to 2002.


4) Which of many M57 versions is the right choice?

The two most popular:

In budget, you can look for M57 2.5L diesel versions.
If you want full performance – 3.0 BiTurbo will be right choice

We suggest m57n and recommend to avoid versions with Piezo injectors.


5) What is the power and torque from stock m57?


6) What are the results after secure remap (stock m57 engine)?


7) What gearbox is used with Bmw M57 swap?

Most popular are Patrol 3.0d FS5R50B gearbox.

But we also offer automatic gearboxes and BMW ZF gearbox swap


8) How is connected Patrol gearbox with BMW engine? 

With aluminum flange.


9) What engine mounts are used for Bmw M57 – Patrol swap?

We use and offer custom Bmw m57-Patrol swap engine and frame mounts.


10) Which clutch is used?

BMW dual mass flywheel/custom disc / Bmw pressure plate

Also custom bearing, and spacers.


11) How transmission coexists with the BMW M57 power?

Patrol transmission parts are durable. Of course, all can be a break, but we have not seen Particularly weak points on Patrol transmission.
note: stock clutch is good for stock power and street / light offroad use. If you want to go big – use heavy duty clutch solutions.

For more power / hard use we highly recommend use racing clutch:

dual mass flywheel with the racing pressure plate
single mass flywheel with the racing clutch.

Note: if you use single mass flywheel – there will be some sound from gearbox in idle.


12) Which Patrol axles better to use?

Most popular are Patrol 2.8 (4625: 1) and 3.0 (4.11: 1) axles.

3.0 axles will be little slower, but for BMW M57 power both versions are very enjoyable for every day and offroad use.


13) Engine cooling. There are no problems with overheating?

Not an experienced cooling problem.
Usually, we use BMW V8 petrol radiator + BMW radiator fan. For increased load, we recommend using a custom radiator. Also with larger cells for easier care.


14) What is the best location for the intercooler?

We recommend placing intercooler on top of the engine. We use, custom in-house made intercoolers.

For street use, front positioned intercooler is also good (even better cooled), but for offroad

is not a practical, due to the amount of dirt in front.


15) What is the fuel consumption?

With 35” tires you can make into 10l/100km, but when you goes offroad..eh..one day will make measurements  🙂


16) Is there need for any other modification for Patrol to make BMW M57 swap?

Some brackets are necessary to remove and, depending on the style of engines installing, need a little modification to the body. Nothing major, but needs practice.


17) Does after the BMW M57 engine swap Patrol will work speedometer, tachometer etc..?

Yes, the original Patrol speedometer works with Bmw m57 engine.
– speedometer
– tachometer
– charging
– oil pressure

Everything works.
In addition, we recommend installing oil pressure, turbo pressure, and voltmeter gauge.


18) Does after the BMW M57-Patrol engine swap will work OBD-2 diagnostics?

Yes, the diagnostics will work. Will display all engine parameters, errors and live data.


19) Is there need for BMW M57 crankcase a rebuild for Patrol dimensions?

No, the rear-mounted crankcase will work with BMW M57-Patrol swap.
But, crankcase guard is desirable.


20) Does Bmw M57 control unit Require map changes to work in the Patrol?

Yes, some signals are necessary to convert for the engine working at full capacity.

Also, we offer:


21) Is it possible to install Bmw m57-Patrol swap kit to both Patrol – y60 and y61?

Yes. Both swap kits have slight differences but is possible to install both – the old model and the new (y60 and y61)


22) What are the changes to the car handling, driving and other benefits?


In the case of questions, please contact us info@fastmotion.eu. We be happy to answer all your questions.